Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Monk Viravat Charoenbenchavong

Monk Viravat Charoenbenchavong version of avan stove.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Majority of the people living on earth don't have access to good technology which is basic. In almost all the developing countries majority of the rural population use biomass based stoves. 1.6 million people every year get killed due to indoor air pollution every year, majority of them are women and children. The 'Good Stoves' designed by GEO with community participation and adaptation are declared as Open Source Technology and Creative Commons for the common good. The tribal's living in the deep forest, poor, landless and small farmers are the main stakeholders, by using good stoves are contributing to climate change mitigation, improvement in health, biomass conservation and economic self-benefits, etc. There is a requirement of 0.5 billion good stoves in the world, diverse stove designs, high efficiencies and affordable cost are to be created for adaptation which would meet the social, environmental, economic, cultural aspirations of communities living in developing world. Participatory Open Source Technology Development is the means for achieving this goal.